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Hi I'm Epiphany Masaganda

I am a transformation, mindset and success coach.

I am here to co-create the life that you always wanted and help you discover your full potential.

This can include working on areas such as personal development, career development, financial success, and strengthen relationships.

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Meet Epiphany Masaganda, a multi-talented individual successfully wearing the hats of both a Certified Life and Success Coach, Certified Executive Pastry Chef and Licensed Fianancial Professional. Epiphany's passion for connecting with people on a deeper level is evident in her role as a transformation, mindset, and success coach. Through her own personal journey with the life coaching course, Epiphany discovered the power of self-awareness and personal growth and is dedicated to passing this knowledge along to her clients.

With her unique combination of expertise in personal development, culinary arts and FinTech industry, Epiphany offers a holistic approach to coaching, helping clients improve their state of mind, emotional mastery, and physical well-being. Her financial expertise adds an essential layer to her coaching, empowering her clients to take control of their financial future and achieve their money goals. Epiphany's dedication to empowering and inspiring others is evident in her commitment to helping her clients live their best lives.

What is a life coach?

A life coach is a professional who helps individuals identify and achieve personal and professional goals. They work with clients to help them clarify their vision for the future, set specific and measurable goals, develop the skills and strategies needed to achieve those goals, and take action to make those goals a reality.

Life coaches can work with clients on a wide range of issues, including career development, personal growth, relationships, health and wellness, and financial success. They may also work with clients on specific issues, such as overcoming obstacles, managing stress and anxiety, building self-confidence, and developing effective communication skills.

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The Mind

A mindset is a set of beliefs, attitudes, and assumptions that shape an individual's perception and approach to the world. It can influence how a person thinks, feels, and behaves. There are two main types of mindset: a fixed mindset and a growth mindset.

life vision

A life vision is a clear and compelling picture of what a person wants to achieve or become in their life, it's a statement of purpose that defines what a person's ideal life looks like and guides their decisions and actions. It's a process of identifying what is truly important to the individual, what they value, their passions and their priorities.


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